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Kamakura Gongoro

A man with superhuman power determined to punish the wicked. The character’s name was borrowed from a real individual. Legend has it that he served Minamoto Yoshiie at the important Gosannen Battle in 1083. He was shot in the eye but continued to fight bravely, and his fierceness was recognized by his enshrinement as a god in Goryo Shrine in Kamakura.

Kiyohara Takehira

A public official who is planning a coup d’état and presents a fake sword to an important shrine. This character is also based on an individual who ruled in the Iwate region.

Kamo Jiro Yoshitsuna

A handsome actor and the leader of the innocents. Having lost the treasured seal, he is off duty. He has come to the shrine to dedicate an account book of treasures and pray for a resurrection of his household. There he is challenged by Takehira and left in a dangerous situation.

Katsura no Mae

A beautiful woman and Yoshitsuna’s fiancée. This is a so-called red princess role. She is pushed by Takehira to abandon her fiancée and obey him instead.

Kashima Monk Shinsai

A monk who flatters Takehira and acts in a semi-villain role. He tries to fight off Gongoro.


A mysterious woman seemingly on the side of the villains alongside the monk Shinsai.

Narita Goro Yoshihide

A retainer of Takehira proud of his physical strength. A red-faced enemy role. He is ordered by Takehira to punish Yoshitsuna and his followers.

Koganemaru Yukitsuna

A young man who accompanies Takehira as a low-ranking retainer. He is actually a servant on the innocent side and searches for the treasure with Teruha.