The Summer Festival


Natsu Matsuri Naniwa Kagami


Danshichi Kurobe

An orphan, Danshichi was adopted by Giheiji and later marries Giheiji’s daughter. He tries to make his name as a gambler. He unwittingly kills Giheiji in an attempt to help his benefactor’s son.

Issun Tokubei

A retainer of Sagaemon. Issun is a nickname meaning that he doesn’t give an inch (issun) once he accepts a job. He fights with Danshichi, but they realize from the latter’s wife that they both owe allegiance to the Tamashima household and become blood brothers.

Sabu the boatman

An old gangster who looks after Danshichi from time to time. He carries Buddhist prayer beads on his ear and refrains from fighting, but he is still hot-headed and mentally and physically prepared to step in if necessary.


Danshichi’s wife and Giheiji’s daughter. She served as a chambermaid in the Tamashima household. Upon the revelation of her affair with Danshichi, she was expelled but allowed to marry him. They have one son.


Tokubei’s wife. She appears on her way back to her husband’s hometown. She has a will as strong as any man.

Tamashima Isonojo

Son of Hyodayu but disowned due to his debauchery. He is in love with Kotoura.


Formally a courtesan in Sakai (near Osaka) but bought out by Isonojo. Her kidnap by a jealous suitor leads to Danshichi’s murder of his father-in-law.


Okaji’s father. He adopts the homeless Danshichi and makes him a fishmonger. He will do anything for money.


Sabu’s wife.

Otori Sagaemon

Serves the same household as Isonojo. He is jealous of Kotoura’s love for Isonojo and wants her for his own.

Tamashima Hyodayu

Head of a samurai household. He buys fish from Danshichi and is thus a major benefactor. He is also the former employer of Okaji and Tokubei. He struggles due to his decadent son Isonojo.