Full Moon Over the Hachiman Festival


Meigetsu Hachiman Matsuri



Seller of chijimi (cotton crepe) who has come from the countryside to Edo on business. Living alone in Echigo with his mother, he is a serious, pure and single-minded youth. He initially lends a small amount of money to the geisha Miyokichi, who he secretly adores. When she praises him, he becomes excited and makes a huge sacrifice to gather an even larger amount for her.


A geisha in Edo’s Fukugawa district known for her masculine straightforwardness. She is beautiful and popular, but her free-mindedness and lack of concern about the future causes trouble for those around her. She is struggling financially under heavy debt, due partly to the bad influence of her ill-tempered lover Sanji. Unable to pay for her new festival kimono, she unthinkingly asks Shinsuke for a large sum.


A boatman and Miyokichi’s lover. He is a playboy and gambler and is constantly pestering Miyokichi for money.


The owner of a large fish shop in Fukagawa and one of Shinsuke’s clients. He is still vigorous despite his ripe old age. He has ordered the traditional red 60th-birthday outfit and wants eagerly to wear it for the festival. He persuades Shinsuke to stay an extra day to celebrate, a decision that leads ultimately to tragedy.

Fujioka Keijuro

Miyokichi’s patron and a high-ranking samurai. He is large-hearted and discerning. He realizes that Miyokichi has too much pride to rely on others and decides to break off their relationship by sending a parting gift of 100 ryo.


Miyokichi’s mother. She has forced her daughter to work as a geisha and leads an indulgent life on the resulting earnings.