The Fight of the Megumi Fire Brigade


Megumi no Kenka – Kami no Megumi Wago no Torikumi



Head of the Megumi fire brigade in charge of Hamamatsucho. He is masculine but sensitive to the ways of society. His nominal resistance to his wife’s demand for action stems from his desire to find the optimal timing for the revenge to minimize the inconvenience to his family and troupe.

Yotsuguruma Daihachi

Modeled after an actual sumo wrestler who lived at the end of the Edo Period. He was much admired by his fellow wrestlers and a key figure in the perennial conflict with firefighters. He had two samurai patrons.


Tatsugoro’s wife. As competitive as a man, she threatens to break up with Tatsugoro if he does not take on the challenge by the sumo wrestlers.


The son of Tatsugoro and Onaka.

Takidashi Kisaburo

A local leader regarded by Tatsugoro as a personal boss. Having connections with officials both in the town (which has authority over the firefighters) and the shrine (which has authority over the sumo wrestlers), he intervenes in the fight to bring the two sides to peace.

Kuryuzan Namiemon

An up-and-coming sumo wrestler junior to Yotsuguruma. Modeled on an actual wrestler of the period. He starts a fight in the playhouse over a drunken spectator, sparking a large conflict.


One of the junior members of Tatsugoro’s group. He is in charge of Shibaicho (currently in Tokyo’s Shinbashi). One reason for his fight is jealousy since his favorite courtesan is entertaining the sumo wrestlers.


Another junior member of Tatsugoro’s team. He is in charge of Rogetsucho (currently in Shinbashi). He encourages Tatsugoro to listen to his wife and take up the wrestlers’ challenge of battle.


Another junior member of Tatsugoro’s team. He is in charge of the Udagawacho area. He and Kame-emon have a dispute with sumo wrestler Kuryuzan that triggers a major brawl.

Omocha no Bunji

Tatsugoro’s personal assistant. He has a cheerful personality and helps care for Tatsugoro’s son.


Proprietress of the teahouse Ohanaya. Seeing off Yotsuguruma at night with a lantern, she is attacked along with him by Tatsugoro.

Edoza Kitaro

Manager (producer) of the Edoza playhouse. He heads off a fight between the firefighters and wrestlers at the theater.