The Maiden at Dojoji Temple


Kyoganoko Musume Dojoji



A shirabyoshi dancer, referring to courtesans who sing and dance at large events, often in male attire. She comes to Dojoji Temple to attend the dedication ceremony for the newly reconstructed bell, which had been destroyed in a fire. Her true motive and identity are gradually revealed.

Odate Samagoro

This role, which does not appear in some versions of the show, is called oshimodoshi (final push). Such characters appear at the end of dances or dramas to exorcise an evil spirit. The role is performed in over-the-top aragoto style.


Young trainee monks. The show originally used only two such monks, but current versions feature a multiple number. Using the bell ceremony as an excuse, they bring in sake and food to celebrate, suggesting they are not particularly serious about their training.


A monk who does not appear in this dance but is a key background figure as the object of the dancer’s wrath. When he stays at a person’s home during a pilgrimage, the daughter develops a crush on him and tries to seduce him. Seeking to continue his religious training, he promises to return but escapes instead. This triggers her rage, leading ultimately to his death.

Kiyohime (Princess Kiyo)

Does not appear in this dance. The daughter of a large clan leader who lodges the monk Anchin during his pilgrimage. She falls in love with him at first sight and subsequently pursues him obsessively.