Japan’s 24 Paragons of Filial Piety


Honcho Nijushiko


Princess Yaegaki

Daughter of Nagao Kenshin. She is engaged with the enemy’s son Katsuyori on order of the shogun in order to smooth relations between the families. She is in love with him but learns sadly that he has died. Then events take an unexpected turn.

Gardener Minosaku (actually Katsuyori)

Son of Takeda Shingen. He was swapped with a son of the shogun’s advisor and has been raised as a commoner. In order to retrieve the Takeda household’s treasured helmet from the Nagao family, he has disguised himself and entered the latter’s service.


Servant in the Takeda family. She was in love with the fake Katsuyori, who has committed suicide. She has disguised herself and now works with the real Katsuyori in the Nagao household in order to retrieve the helmet.

Nagao Kenshin

Yaegaki’s father and ruler of Echigo Province (current-day Niigata). He is the sworn enemy of Takeda Kenshin, ruler of the neighboring Kai Province (current-day Yamanashi). He sees through the supposed gardener’s disguise immediately and sends him on an alleged mission in order to kill him.

Shirasuka Rokuro

Samurai under Nagao Kenshin. He is sent by Kenshin to follow Minosaku/Katsuyori and kill him.

Harako Bunji

Samurai under Nagao Kenshin. He is ordered to accompany Shirasuka and kill Minosaku/Katsuyori.