The Black Mound




Old woman Iwate, actually Demon Woman of Adachi-ga-hara

Old woman living in a hut in Adachi-ga-hara. She lives a hard and lonely life, and her overwhelming sadness and pain has made her resentful of the world. She finally transforms into a demon woman who feeds on travelers. She laments about her life to a passing monk, and is overjoyed to learn from him that she can be saved by taking the path of Buddhism. But during her absence, her secret is revealed, and she shows her true self.

Abbot Yukei

Senior monk from Kii (current Wakayama Prefecture). On a pilgrimage, he asks accommodation of an old woman in a dilapidated hut.

Yamatobo and Sanukibo

Mountain monks accompanying Yukei.

Servant Tarogo

Luggage carrier for Yukei’s group. He peeks into the room against the express wishes of the old woman, unleashing a terrible fate.