The Tweezers




Kumedera Danjo

Retainer of the Bunya household. Illness has delayed the marriage of his lord with a princess, and he comes to examine the cause. He is mighty and intelligent, and resolves the problem with his quick wit and detective skills. He is also somewhat randy, and tries unsuccessfully to seduce both a beautiful boy and lady-in-waiting.

Ono Harumichi

A nobleman and descendant of the famed poet Ono no Komachi. He was supposed to pray for rainfall using a treasured work of calligraphy written by his ancestor, which supposedly defeated a would-be usurper who had stopped the rain. He’s now in trouble for having lost the piece.

Ono Harukaze

Harumichi’s son. He is in love with the family maid Koiso. When she is pregnant with her son, he sends her home with a letter and the treasured calligraphy. She has since gone missing, and Harukaze is contemplating suicide to take responsibility.


She has put off her marriage to the lord of the realm due to illness. The cause of the mysterious illness is unknown

Hata Minbu

Dedicated retainer of the Ono family. He’s doing his best to search for the calligraphy but is under pressure everyday from his colleague Genba, who is aiming to take over the household.

Hata Hidetaro

Minbu’s brother, works as a minor servant for the Ono family. He is handsome and approached by the randy Danjo, but firmly rejects the older man’s advances.

Yatsurugi Genba

Senior retainer of the Ono family. He is connected with Prince Hayakumo, who is plotting to take over the government. Genba aims to usurp the Ono household using various tricks.

Yatsurugi Kazuma

Genba’s son. Plots against this household along with his father. Hot-blooded youngster.


A beautiful maid of the Ono family. Like Hidetaro, she is asked to entertain Danjo, but turns away when he tries to seduce her.

Ohara Manbei, actually Ishihara Sehei

A man pretending to be Koiso’s brother in order to infiltrate the Ono household. In reality, he is the retainer of the villainous Prince Hayakumo. He tries to topple the household by blaming them for Koiso’s untimely death, but is ultimately exposed by Danjo as a fake.