The Renowned Banzui Chobei


Kiwametsuki Banzui Chobei


Banzuiin Chobei

Head of the civilian guards and famous throughout Edo. He was formerly a samurai but now runs a staffing agency in Asakusa. He is invited to a banquet by his arch-rival Mizuno Juzaemon and resolves to go, seeing a rejection as cowardly despite the near certainty that this is a trap to kill him.

Mizuno Jurozaemon

Head of the Shiratsuka clan, a leading group of government retainers. He invites his rival Chobei to his home for a banquet in a nefarious scheme.


Chobei’s wife. She is aware that her husband is resigned to die, but behaves with the dignity required of her status and calmly prepares his belongings.


Chobei and Otoki’s son.

Decchiri Seibei

One of Chobei’s many followers. He is mainly charged with taking care of Chomatsu.

Token Gonbei

One of the leaders of the townsmen. He is Chobei’s blood brother and is fully trusted by him. He tries to stop Chobei from going to the banquet, offering to go in his stead.

Kondo Noborinosuke

A friend of Mizuno and a government servant in the Shiratsuka group. He joins Mizuno in murdering the unarmed Chobei in the bath.