First great love suicide drama


Sonezaki Shinju



Courtesan in Osaka’s Tenmaya pleasure house. She swears her love to Tokubei, a young clerk, and ultimately chooses to die with him.


Clerk at a soy sauce merchant. A prototypical wagoto role offering a realistic portrayal of a gentle gallant. Duped out of money by a friend and branded a thief, he resolves to commit suicide with his lover.

Aburaya Kuheiji

Owner of an oil shop. He borrows money from Tokubei on a promise to return it in three days, but ends up cheating and humiliating him, driving him to suicide.

Hiranoya Kyuemon

Owner of a soy sauce shop and Tokubei’s uncle. He wants to marry the clerk off to the stepmother’s niece and pass the shop to him.

Tenmaya Sobei

Owner of Tenmaya pleasure house. A kind person who worries about Ohatsu.