Sogoro the Fishmonger


Sakanaya Sogoro


Sogoro the fishmonger

The owner of a fishmonger in Tokyo. Until recently, he was selling fish from a cart. He becomes violent when he drinks and has taken a vow of abstinence. However, when he learns the truth of his sister’s death, he breaks his vow from anger and sorrow, which leads to trouble.


Sogoro’s wife. A typical wife role in domestic dramas. When Sogoro gets drunk and rushes to the lord’s mansion, she desperately races behind to defend him.


Young man working for Sogoro. Tends to act rashly but is good natured.


Sogoro and Otsuta’s father. He would like to act after the death of his precious daughter, but cannot act due to his age and feels frustrated.


Maid working for the lord and Otsuta’s trusted chambermaid. Before Otsuta was killed, Onagi learned the truth behind the incident. She comes to Sogoro to inform him of the details and brings sake as a gift.

Iwagami Tenzo

Servant of Isobe family. He is in love with Otsuta, and plans to take over the household and undermine the loyal retainers. In the end, his coup d’état plans are revealed, and he is captured by Sogoro during a festival.

Urato Juzaemon

Retainer of Isobe family. He is wise and understanding. When Otsuta was taken as a concubine, he persuaded Sogoro’s family in person.

Urato Monzaburo

Juzaemon’s younger brother. He rescues Otsuta when she is attacked by Tenzo, but Tenzo takes revenge by bad-mouthing these two and accusing them of an affair.

Isobe Kazuenosuke

Wealthy retainer to the shogun. He falls in love instantly with Otsuta at a festival and asks her to be his concubine. He has an alcoholic problem like Sogoro, and it was due to his drunkenness and loss of control that he brutally had Otsuta killed. He deeply regretted his actions upon becoming sober, and apologizes to Sogoro and his family.


Sogoro’s younger sister, beautiful and good-natured. She becomes Isobe’s concubine when he falls in love with her. When she overhears a plan by Tenzo to take over the household, she is falsely accused of the plot and is killed.