The Felicitous Soga Encounter


Kotobuki Soga Taimen

Brothers find their father’s murderer after 18 years of hardship

A top-ranked soldier is placed as head of a hunting camp. Many feudal lords have gathered at the residence to celebrate. There, two familiar-looking youngsters appear.


by Komiya Akiko

Primary position appointment

Kudo has been appointed head of the nation’s feudal lords and chief controller of the hunting camp at the foot of Mt Fuji. The lords gather in celebration, accompanied by top courtesans. Kudo takes the honorary seat.

【Left】Kewaizaka no Shosho(Nakamura Shichinosuke) June 2013 Kabukiza Theatre

【Center1】Oiso no Tora(Nakamura Shibajaku) March 2014 Kabukiza Theatre 【Center2】Kudosaemon Suketsune(Nakamura Kichiemon) January 2011 Shinbashi Enbujo Theatre

【Right】[from left] Kajiwara Heiji Kagetaka(Kataoka Kamezo)、Kajiwara Heizo Kagetoki(Kataoka Ichizo) June 2013 Kabukiza Theatre


Encounter with enemy

The brothers Juro and Goro Soga turn up at the celebration. They have been hunting Kudo for 18 years to avenge their father’s murder, and finally get the chance to meet him. Goro, the younger of the brothers, rushes to kill Kudo on the spot. Kudo tells them that they cannot take revenge until a lost treasure sword is found. Goro clenches his fists and glares. The Soga family’s loyal servant Shinzaemon then reports that the sword has been found.

【Left】Kobayashi Asahina(Nakamura Hashinosuke) December 2012 Kyoto Minamiza Theatre

【Right】[from left]Soga Goro Tokimune(Ichikawa Ebizo)、Soga Juro Sukenari(Onoe Kikunosuke) June 2013 Kabukiza Theatre


Certificate at hunting camp

Kudo tells the anxious brothers to wait until an appropriate time, then gives them transfer permits to the hunting fields. He and the brothers swear to meet there later, and then part.

【Left】Onio Shinzaemon(Nakamura Karoku) March 2014 Kabukiza Theatre

【Right】[from left]Kobayashi Asahina(Nakamura Kasho)、Soga Goro Tokimune(Bando Mitsugoro)、Soga Juro Sukenari(Nakamura Baigyoku) January 2011  Shinbashi Enbujo Theatre