The Castle Tower


Tenshu Monogatari


Princess Tomi

A beautiful spirit living in the tower of Himeji Castle, where no human has been for more than a century. She is 27-28 years old and known as the Mistress of the Castle Tower. She is supported by a number of monsters and is able to travel to faraway destinations by cloud. She was once a human who committed suicide in despair at Mt. Murasagi, but given eternal life as the spirit of the shrine’s lion sculpture.

Himekawa Zushonosuke

A falconer serving Takeda, lord of Harima and head of Himeji Castle. He is a vital young samurai of around 20. He was accused of losing the master’s treasured white hawk and ordered to commit suicide, but given a reprieve if he could climb the tower and find the hawk.

Princess Kame

Princess living in Kame Castle in Inawashiro. She loves Princess Tomi as a sister and visits the castle with her servants in order to play the ancient ball sport of temari. She brings the freshly severed head of Takeda Emon’nosuke, lord of Kame Castle, as a gift.


Head of ladies-in-waiting for Princess Tomi. She and the other servants are not human. As the story is set in late autumn, the ladies are named after the seven plants of autumn. Susuki means pampas grass.

Shu no Bambo

Leader of the monsters in Ou Province with a single horn and red face. They are disguised as mountain priests and live in Aizu (Fukushima Prefecture). He comes to Himeji Castle accompanying Princess Kame.

Shitanaga Uba

Old woman from Princess Kame’s clan. Her tongue stretches fully one meter. One lick will turn animals, birds and humans into bone.

Odawara Shuri

Retainer of the lord of Harima. Climbs to the castle tower and, witnessing the strange activities, reveals the story behind the lion’s head.

Yamazumi Kuhei

Another retainer of the lord of Harima. Climbs with Shuri to the tower to kill the monsters.

Lord Takeda of Harima

Master of Himeji Castle. He does not appear on stage but is depicted as the leader of the humans opposing the monsters living in the castle tower. He blames Zushonosuke for the loss of the falcon and sends him into tower. When he learns of the irregular happenings, he orders the monsters killed. He is the older brother of Takeda Emon’nosuke, master of Kame Castle.

Ominojo Toroku

The sculptor who created the lion’s head statue. He appears in the castle tower and repairs the eye of the lion’s head, which had been damaged by the warriors. This rescues Princess Tomi and Zushonosuke.