Sukeroku: Flower of Edo


Sukeroku Yukari no Edozakura


Hanakawado Sukeroku (actually Soga Goro)

A young man famous as a dandy, bold and brash. He is in love with Agemaki. He has a tendency to pick fights, but his reason for this is gradually revealed. His real identity is Soga Goro, who is looking for a treasured family sword and seeking revenge for his father’s murder. Though a bombastic aragoto role, he wears refined makeup and represents the grace of a gentle wagoto character.


The most popular courtesan in Yoshiwara. She is in love with Sukeroku but worries about his confrontational style.

Ikyu the Beard

A rich man who forces his way with money and is hated in Yoshiwara. He tries in vain to win Agemaki’s love. He is stubbornly resistant to Sukeroku’s repeated provocations for reasons that later become clear.


Agemaki’s assistant in the Miura Pleasure House

Shinbei the sake merchant (actually Soga Juro

Soga Goro’s older brother. Worried about his quarrelsome younger brother, he comes to Yoshiwara disguised as a sake merchant. He is a wagoto role typical of Soga plays.

Soga Manko

Soga Goro’s mother. Worried about her son’s tantrums, she dresses like a man in order to meet Agemaki. She arranges a frail paper kimono for Goro to discourage him from fighting.

Kanpera Monbei

Ikyu’s follower. Rich like Ikyu but hated for his inappropriate behavior.

Asagao Senpei

A low-ranking gatekeeper. Appears in an argument between his fellow gatekeeper and Sukeroku, but is easily dispatched by Sukeroku. A comic role. His unique costume and lines about rice crackers are a highlight of the show.

Fukuyama Katsugi

Noodle shop delivery boy. He responds to a challenge by the higher-ranking Monpei with typical Edo bluster.

Kunizamurai Rikinda

A country samurai visiting Yoshiwara with his servants. He puts on a show of exaggerated confidence, but gives in meekly when ordered to crawl between Sukeroku’s legs.

Tsujin Rigyo

A tsujin is a rich, fashionable and cultured person who is intimately familiar with the art and pleasures of the Edo Period. Though Rigyo is forced to crawl between Sukeroku’s legs, he demonstrates a unique and humorous crawling gesture. Though he has no relevance to the main story, he is a memorable character.